Terms and Conditions

Welcome to V Clean Laundry! Please read these terms and conditions carefully before availing our services.

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Delivery Fee for Canceled Service:

A delivery fee of RM 20 - RM25 will be imposed if the customer decides not to proceed with the service.

Service Timing:

Our promised timing estimates are provided for reference purposes only. While we strive to meet these service timings, V Clean Laundry shall not be held responsible for any delays that may occur in the process of delivering our services.

Stain Removal Disclaimer:

While we will make every effort to remove stains, we cannot provide a 100% guarantee. The success of stain removal depends on the type of stain and its duration. We will proceed with the cleaning process under these conditions.

Household Items, Leather, and Suede Garments:

All household items, leather, and suede garments are cleaned entirely at the customer’s own risk. We do not accept any responsibility or liability for any damage or fading.

Material Weaknesses and Damages:

We do our best to take good care of your items when cleaning them. However, we are not able to be responsible for things like color fading, shrinking, or damage to delicate fabrics. We also can't take responsibility for any small items like buttons or valuables that might be on your clothes.

*Curtains might become brittle over time, and we are not able to be responsible for any tears, stains, or damage to them. Customers are advised to inspect your items upon receipt and report any concerns promptly. The Curtain Consent Form must be read and agreed to before confirming the use of our service. You will be informed of the operational risks associated with curtain cleaning services, including tears, shrinkage, and potential pre-breakage and post-washing damages.*

Items Loss or Damage:

Please let us know about any lost or damaged items when you collect your laundry. Once this collection period is over, we won't be responsible for any missing or damaged items. Our compensation policy is limited to either 5 times the cost of your laundry service of the particular said lost / damage item with v clean laundry or RM500, whichever is lower.

*V Clean Laundry will not be held responsible for any damages incurred during the delivery of items.

Loss of Accessories:

We shall not be responsible for any loss of buttons, ornaments, or any valuables left in the pockets or attached to the garments.

Difference in Count:

Any discrepancy in the count of items must be reported within 24 hours of delivery.

Unclaimed Articles:

Articles unclaimed within three (3) months from the date of the bill shall be sold.

Lost Bills:

We reserve the right not to entertain any lost bill.

Re-Cleaning Policy:

Customers can bring back any cleaned item for re-cleaning if there's a valid reason, but this can only be done up to two times. Contact us before returning any cleaned item for re-cleaning.

Tags for Item Monitoring:

We might put a small barcode or tag in a discreet spot on your items. These barcodes and tags help us keep track of your items and provide better service.